The Legacies of Maud Sulter: Artist, Writer, Curator

Thursday 17 October, 6pm

Street Level Photoworks

Glasgow, UK

Past event

Lecture by Deborah Cherry, part of Autograph ABP's ongoing research into Maud Sulter's work and legacy

Maud Sulter (1960–2008) was an award-winning artist and writer, curator and gallerist of Ghanain and Scottish heritage who lived and worked in Britain.

Her significance lies in her pioneering innovation of photographic forms that investigated the visual representation of black women, not through the more familiar routes of documentary, but through critical inquiry into art's histories and sustained visual interrogation into the canon of western art. Her works were often preoccupied with lost and neglected figures, examining the ways that the past shapes and can remake the present.

She won critical praise for her bold, solemn and exquisitely produced works with their sensual splendour and inventive image construction, and her later self-portraits were applauded for their beauty, sensuality, confidence and ability to dramatise a situation.

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Lecture by

Deborah Cherry

Deborah Cherry is Professor of Art History at the University of the Arts London. She has published widely on modern and contemporary art, including several essays on Maud Sulter's art and curating.

Additional research by


Ajamu is an acclaimed London based fine art photographer and community archivist who marries perfectly fine art practice and community activism. He has been in involved with Black Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer (LGBTQ) communities for over 20 years working nationally and internationally. He is known for predominatly conceptual self-portraits, Black Male figure studies and studio based constructed imagery.

Mark Sealy

Mark Sealy MBE is the Director of Autograph ABP. He is currently a PhD candidate at Durham University, his research focuses on photography and cultural violenc

Part of Autograph ABP's ongoing research on Maud Sulter

Working with curators Deborah Cherry and Ajamu, Autograph ABP is currently in the research & development phase for an exhibition of Maud Sulter.

Our research is collating the genealogies of practice that structured Sulter's artwork, writing and curating, and examining the connections between her practice and activism in feminist and Black arts movements in Europe and North America.

There has been no detailed exhibition of Sulter's work since 2003. Our aim is for this research to culminate in a major exhibition at Street Level Photoworks in Glasgow on her multilayered practice across image, sound and text.

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For further information, please contact Lois Olmstead at Autograph ABP - phone +44 (0)20 7729 9200 or email

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  • Curators Deborah Cherry and Ajamu at the Autograph ABP office. Photo by Mark Sealy