The Beautiful Horizon / No Olha Da Rua (In The Eye of the Street)

6 October - 4 November 2012


Brighton, UK

The Beautiful Horizon / No Olha Da Rua (In The Eye of the Street) is a long-term collaboration between young Brazilians living on the streets of Belo Horizonte and artists Julian Germain, Patricia Azevedo and Murilo Godoy. Using borrowed camera equipment, the young participants document their lives and work with the artists to edit, publish and distribute the results.

A vast archive of thousands of photographs and posters produced over seventeen years, charts the participants lives over a period of unprecedented economic expansion in Brazil. The No Olho da Rua (In the Eye of the Street) project shows how photography has been used to intervene in the urban landscape and serves as a powerfully expressive platform for the socially and economically excluded. This project is presented in partnership with Autograph ABP, a major advocate of the project since 2006.

Autograph ABP has been a major advocate of this project since 2006, and are proud to support the exhibition at Fabrica in Brighton. 


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Fabrica is a visual arts organisation based in a former Regency church in the heart of Brighton that commissions contemporary visual art installations specific to the building.