Image projection at The Africa Centre Summer Festival 2015

Sat 1 August, 5 - 8 pm

Covent Garden West Piazza

London, UK

Free event

Join us at the Africa Centre Summer Festival and see a selection of historic images unearthed from our photographic research project The Missing Chapter.

Next to the main stage, we will project rarely-seen photographs from the mid-19th and early 20th centuries of Black presences in the UK.

About The Missing Chapter

Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, The Missing Chapter aims to augment the photographic narratives of migration and cultural diversity in relation to Britain’s colonial history, and disseminate a visual heritage that is fragmented and often dislocated.  Working in partnership with major cultural institution such as the National Portrait Gallery, the Hulton Archive and the National Army Museum (as well as other collaborators), Autograph ABP are researching examples of photographic evidence of black presences in Britain dating back to the earliest images produced since the invention of photography in 1839.

The Missing Chapter builds on the concept of ‘animating the past to imagine the future’, bringing the photographic archive out of the gallery/museum context and into direct engagement with communities. It offers a range of participatory activities and innovative public displays, aimed at overcoming recognised social barriers to access and offering new kinds of opportunities for diverse audiences to experience the content of Autograph ABP’s own, and other associated collections; our outreach initiatives provide opportunities for volunteers and young people to become actively involved in producing creative work, while others receive training in research skills, digital preservation and collection care.

A dedicated programme over three years includes a series of temporary large scale image projections staged in public spaces, pop up and gallery based exhibitions, the development of digital learning tools, online portfolios, an interactive app for mobile devices, and a forthcoming publication.